Nebraska Food Cooperative

See our product page on the Nebraska Food Cooperative’s website. A full line of our products are available. Orders are placed online and picked up at various pickup sites throughout a large portion of Nebraska. Descriptions of our products plus information on many other small farms and their products are listed. Order cycles run every two weeks. This is a very convenient option for getting our products.

Lincoln Haymarket Farmers’ Market

Runs May thru early October at the Historic Haymarket District in Lincoln, Nebraska. Check our schedule (located on our annual price list sheet) for the days that we are at the market, generally every three weeks. Customers may pre-order our products for pickup at the market or you may make your selections at the market. We encourage you to stop at the market, we would enjoy visiting with you.

Open Harvest Natural Grocery Store

Located at 1618 South Street in Lincoln, Nebraska, regularly stocks several of our frozen lamb products in retail size packages. Some of the biggest sellers there are our ground lamb and lamb
kabobs. We are grateful to Open Harvest for offering our products in their fine store.

Red Clover Market

Located at 5500 Old Cheney Road in Lincoln, Nebraska, offers our ground lamb and lamb kabobs. Our thanks to Red Clover Market