Bluff Valley Farm

We are Ken and Mary Grace Thiltges (pronounced “TILL-juss”) and our four children: Stephen, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Jacob.  Ken grew up on the family farm settled by his great, great grandparents; part of the original land that makes up Bluff Valley Farm.  Mary Grace also grew up on a farm about 30 minutes south in Kansas.

Thus, Bluff Valley Farm has been in our family for 150 years. Currently, our children are the sixth generation of our family operating this land. It is named after the valley that stretches through the bluffs near the Missouri River in extreme southeast Nebraska. An area of hardwood trees and lush green pastures on rolling hillsides, Bluff Valley is situated in a beautiful and scenic area. It is a very diversified farm which we operate with our values in mind at all times.

Our four children play a vital part in operating the farm, from performing field work to caring for and feeding livestock. Originally, conventional farmers, we felt the need to treat our land more sustainably and to produce products that were as healthy as possible. We try to operate our farm in harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles of mother nature. Growers of certified organic grains and forages for over ten years, we are in the process of adding more certified organic acres each year. We have implemented rotational grazing to our livestock operation. We have a great respect for the land and desire to have our children continue doing the same in the future. We believe that the health of the soil affects the health of everything and everyone that eats from it. We also produce our own  corn for feed that is not genetically modified. We administer no antibiotics and hormones to our animals. Thus, we take the term “naturally-grown” very seriously. We feel the personal relationship between producer and consumer is crucial in today’s world of corporate agriculture and generic food. Thus, we direct market to consumers as much as possible, and feel that all of our customers are like family to us. We appreciate your support as we strive to grow healthy food for all of our customers and their families.

Please give our products a try and taste the difference. We are here to serve you.

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